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is hosted by the University of Natural Resouces and Life Scicences, Vienna (BOKU)

get an overview of 6 plenary lectures, 25 sessions, 3 workshops and some special issues like “Fermenting Futures: Exploring Yeast Biotechnology Through an Artistic Lense” or check the detailed programme with all speakers, chairs and time frame.



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Sorry. Congress is over!


We received the sad news that Dr. Lex Scheffers, professor emeritus of TU Delft, has passed away in May. Prof. Scheffers was an active member of the International Commission on Yeasts for many years, and the Founding Editor of FEMS Yeast Research.

In memory of his many achievements, ICY and FEMS will honour him during the congress by awarding a best presentation prize in the field of yeast physiology, sponsored by FEMS.

The scientific community of yeast researchers mourns the passing of Stefan Hohmann in early July 2021. Prof. Hohmann was one of the European pioneers of yeast molecular biology and Professor at Gothenburg University and Chalmers University of Technology.

Stefan Hohmann chaired the International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology (ICYGMB) in Gothenburg both in 2003 and in 2019. He also served as chair of the Finance and Policy Committee of the International Yeast Community that is responsible for organizing ICYGMB every second year since the 1960ies.

Call for papers

FEMS Yeast Research will publish a Thematic Issue (TI) to coincide with the ICY15 meets ICYGMB30.

All prospective attendees are invited to submit their research articles to FEMS Yeast Research for consideration. Articles on any aspect of yeast that relates to conference themes are welcome. The emphasis is on original research but mini-reviews or commentaries may also be considered. For either of the latter, prospective authors must contact the Editor-in-Chief in advance.

Submit by 30 April 2021 to be included when the Spirit of Yeast thematic issue is launched at the Congress but submissions will accepted up to 30 July 2021!

Get involved

Experience the spirit of yeast, attend ICY15 meets ICYGMB30 to share the latest knowledge of a wide range of yeast research fields and to join active and constructive scientific discussions.

Please note, ICY15 meets ICYGMB30 will be held online only.

Present at
ICY15 meets ICYGMB30

ICY15 meets ICYGMB30 offers an opportunity to communciate directly whith the yeast community about your research field and share your vision and passion.

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Sponsorship at ICY15 meets ICYGMB30 puts your organisation front and center. We’ll help you select the best way to connect with our attendees and maximize your ICY15 meets ICYGMB30 experience.

ICY15 meets ICYGMB30

Experience the spirit of yeast and attend the one event that brings the international yeast community to the same place at the same time and gives an overview of the latest developments in yeast research.

Get a Grant

FEMS – the Federation of European Microbiological Societies – selected ICY15 meets ICYGMB30 to offer grants for congress participation for Early Career Researchers*.

We are still accepting applications!

Win a Poster Prize

FEMS Yeast Research and Microbiology – journals that will be awarding the best poster presentations at ICY15 meets ICYGMB30.


Why attend?

ICY15 meets ICYGMB30 is an important scientific meeting for yeast researchers, which focuses on basic as well as the application of yeasts in various fields. This meeting provides the opportunity for presenting the latest research progress in yeast metabolism, physiology, genetics, genomics, regulations, ecology, systematics, phylogeny, food and beverage applications, biofuel production and clinical applications. Don’t miss your opportunity to join attendees as they discuss the selected contributions, explore solutions, and all the workshops and sessions.

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