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FEMS Yeast Research will publish a Thematic Issue (TI) to coincide with the International Congress on Yeasts (ICY15).

The conference, entitled “The Spirit of Yeast”, is a celebration of yeast science from fundamental to biotechnology and will attract over 500 delegates to Vienna in August 2020. The journal invites authors planning to attend ICY15 to submit manuscripts on any of the major themes of the congress.

Registration and abstract submission is open now!

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Experience the spirit of yeast, attend ICY15 to share the latest knowledge of a wide range of yeast research fields and to join active and constructive scientific discussions.

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ICY15 offers an opportunity to communciate directly whith the yeast community about your research field and share your vision and passion.

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Sponsorship at ICY15 puts your organisation front and center. We’ll help you select the best way to connect with our attendees and maximize your ICY15 experience.

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Experience the spirit of yeast and attend the one event that brings the international yeast community to the same place at the same time and gives an overview of the latest developments in yeast research.


Why attend?

ICY is an important scientific meeting for yeast researchers, which focuses on basic as well as the application of yeasts in various fields. This meeting provides the opportunity for presenting the latest research progress in yeast metabolism, physiology, genetics, genomics, regulations, ecology, systematics, phylogeny, food and beverage applications, biofuel production and clinical applications. Don’t miss your opportunity to join attendees as they discuss the selected contributions, explore solutions, and all the workshops and sessions.


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